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In this second Ontario Brewer podcast for August, Master Cicerone®, Mirella Amato is once again joined by Paul Brady, from Walkerville Brewery Also in the studio is Lon Ladell, from Big Rig Brewery who has brought in a bottle of his seasonal Release the Hounds Black IPA. Find out:

  • About the Ottawa beer scene
  • How brewers adapt to new equipment
  • The origins of the Black IPA style
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Milking and Touting a New Stout

In this Episode of Ontario Brewer, Master Cicerone®, Mirella Amato chats with Lon Ladell, co-owner and operator at Big Rig Brewery and Paul Brady, the head brewer for Walkerville Brewery. The trio samples a Milk Stout, currently available from Walkerville Brewery. Find out:

  • Where the name Big Rig comes from
  • The brewery version of hot chocolate mix
  • How to make a hot scotchy


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