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Historic Pumpkin Ale Brewed Just in Time for Halloween

In this second Ontario Brewer podcast for October, Master Cicerone®, Mirella Amato is once again joined by Kyle Smith, from Cameron’s Brewing Co. Also in the studio is Dave Jameson, the head brewer for Trafalgar Ales and Meads who also brews the commercial beers for Black Creek Historic Brewery. Dave has brought in a bottle of the Black Creek Pumpkin Ale. Find out:

  • How Black Creek Brewery and Trafalgar Ales and Meads are connected
  • The difference between historic pumpkin ales and modern examples
  • The many ways that a brewer can add "pumpkin flavour" to their beer
Black Creek Pumpkin Ale
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In this episode of Ontario Brewer, Master Cicerone®, Mirella Amato chats with Kyle Smith, who brews at Cameron’s Brewing Co. and Dave Jameson, the head brewer for Trafalgar Ales and Meads. The trio samples one of the beers in the Cameron’s seasonal Brewmaster Series: Resurrection Roggenbier. Find out:

  • Why rye beer disappeared in Germany
  • How beets are used in brewing
  • The many qualities that rye can contribute to beer


Cameron's Resurrection Roggenbier
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