Ontario Craft Brewers' Podcast
Admiring Lake Country's Beer Scenery

In this second Ontario Brewer podcast for March, Master Cicerone®, Mirella Amato is once again joined by Mark Campbell from Lake of Bays Brewing Co. and Sam Corbeil, from Sawdust City Brewing. The trio chat about the beer scene in Lake Country.

Find out:

  • How the beer scene in Muskoka has evolved in the past few years
  • Where to find craft beer in Northern Ontario
  • How beer can be compared to cheese
  • What brewers do when they run out of hops
  • Where the 'Bermuda Triangle of Ontario' is located


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Lake Country Craft Brewers Collaborate on "Black and Tan"

In this March Ontario Brewer Podcast, Master Cicerone®, Mirella Amato chats with Sam Corbeil, the head brewer at Sawdust City Brewing as well as brewer Mark Campbell from Lake of Bays Brewing Co. Sam and Mark have come in to share their experience collaborating on a special limited edition OCB Podcast brew and have brought the beer in for sampling. The beer, which is called Four Corners, is actually a ‘Black and Tan’ that combines a Witbier called Paris and a Chocolate Stout called Regent ... Find out:

  • Which fun co-incidence inspired the three names for these beers
  • How to get an intense orange flavour in your beer
  • Where to shop for beer in Paris
  • How to find the right ratio when blending two beers
  • When and where the Four Corners limited edition brew will be released

lake of Bays Brewing and Sawdust City Brewing colloborate on Four Corners brew

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