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Grand River Russian Gun Imperial StoutIn this second Ontario Brewer podcast for January, Master Cicerone® Mirella Amato is once again joined by brewer Rob Creighton from Grand River Brewing and Darren Smith, owner and president of Lake of Bays Brewing Co. This time, they are sampling the Grand River winter seasonal: Russian Gun Imperial Stout. Find out:

  • How brewers in England stopped brewing with malt in the 1800s
  • Why the label for Russian Gun Imperial Stout says it’s ‘Flavoured’
  • The crazy story behind the name Russian Gun
  • How Lake of Bays brewing names their beers
  • The challenges involved with brewing seasonal beer in Ontario
  • Why canning is so popular in Ontario
  • One of the perils of using bottling machines in the brewery
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Ontario Brewer Podcast looks at China Wall Dark Vienna Lager from Lake of Bays BrewingIn this first podcast of the 2014 season, Master Cicerone®, Mirella Amato chats with Darren Smith, owner and president of Lake of Bays Brewing Co. and brewer Rob Creighton from Grand River Brewing. Together, the trio sample the first of Lake of Bay’s limited edition Signature Series lineup of tribute beers: China Wall Vienna Dark Lager.

Find out:

  • The various reasons why Johnny Bower might have been nicknamed ‘China Wall’
  • The ingredients in China Wall Dark Vienna Lager and how it’s different from a standard Vienna Lager
  • What the next beer in the series will be
  • How brewers can mask alcohol in high alcohol beers
  • How the quality of local water affects brewing
  • How the entire Baysville liquor was stolen and how it brought the community together
  • The perils of creating custom brews for celebrities


… And find out more about Johnny Bower’s storied career at the Hockey Hall of Fame website

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