Ontario Craft Brewers' Podcast

In partnership with the Dairy Farmers of Canada

In this second Ontario Brewer Podcast feature on Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery, Mirella Amato of BeerologyTM is once again joined by Experimental Brewer Sebastian MacIntosh. Also in the studio is Andrew Laliberte, from Glen Echo Fine Foods. This month, the three cheeses in the podcast are from different producers, all represented by the Dairy Farmers of Canada: Le Riopelle de l’Isle by Fromagerie Ile-aux-grues; Pacific Pepper by Natural Pastures and Applewood Smoked 2 Year Old Cheddar by Cow’s Creamery.

Once Sebastian has talked the group through a tasting of this month’s two feature beers: Flying Monkeys City in Colour Imperial Maple Wheat and Ginger Bread Winter Warmer, the trio dives in to find their favourite beer and cheese interactions — they are surprised by the variety of great results! They also take the time to discuss potential pitfalls when pairing beer with cheese. Find out more about the Dairy Farmers of Canada at: dairyfarmers.ca


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In this episode of Ontario Brewer, BeerologyTM’s Mirella Amato is joined by Head Brewer Paul Buttery and Experimental Brewery Sebastian MacIntosh from The Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery. Together, the trio discusses the use of spices in beer, using this month's two feature beers — Ginger Bread Winter Warmer and City in Colour Imperial Maple Wheat — as examples.

Before diving in, the two brewers share their individual paths to becoming brewers as well as their current roles at the brewery. They then talk about the various techniques and pitfalls involved in adding spices to beer and the advantages of having pilot brewing systems at the brewery. Paul and Sebastian also talk about some of the other spiced beers they’ve brewed as well as their dream spiced beers.


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