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In partnership with the Dairy Farmers of Canada In this second Ontario Brewer Podcast feature on Mill Street Brewery, Mirella Amato of BeerologyTM is once again joined by Brewmaster Joel Manning. Also in the studio is Debbie Levy, representing Ivanhoe Cheese.

Debbie introduces the three Ivanhoe cheeses for the podcast: a Monterey jack and cheddar cheese with Salsa, a Smoked Gouda and a Vintage Cheddar. She explains how smoke is naturally added to the Gouda and details how salsa flavour is added to the Monterey Jack. Joel the shares his experience pairing beer with cheese.

The trio speculates on how the pairings will work and then try the three cheeses alongside our two feature beers for this podcast: Mill Street Coffee Porter and Cobblestone Stout. Having sampled the different beer & food combinations on their plate, Mirella, Debbie and Joel each choose their favourite flavour interactions.

A special thanks to our guest for this podcast: Ivanhoe Cheese.


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In this episode of Ontario Brewer, BeerologyTM’s Mirella Amato explores the topic of carbonation with Brewmaster Joel Manning and VP of Sales Dave Mitchell from Mill Street Brewery.

After covering the basics of carbonation and how he decides the amount of carbonation that should go into any given beer, Joel details how CO2 affects the aroma and flavour of beer. He outlines the basics of nitrogen-charged beer and the challenges and hilarity that were involved in figuring out how to package the nitrogenated Mill Street beers in cans.

Joel and Dave then focus their attention on the two featured beers for this podcast, the Mill Street Cobblestone Stout and Mill Street Coffee Porter addressing how the gasses used in these beers are central to their flavour profile.

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