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In partnership with the Dairy Farmers of Canada In this second Ontario Brewer Podcast feature on Black Oak Brewing Co. and ale yeast, Mirella Amato of BeerologyTM is once again joined by president Ken Woods of Black Oak Brewing Co. Also in the studio is Debbie Levy, representing Maple Dale Cheese.

Debbie talks a bit about Maple Dale Cheese, introducing the three feature cheeses for this podcast, which all happen to be cheddars. Debbie therefore takes some time to outline how the flavours in cheddar evolve as it ages, and how the folk at Maple Dale Cheese prepare a cheddar for aging. As Debbie describes this process, Ken finds parallels between cheesemaking & beer making.

Together, the trio then tries the three cheeses alongside our two feature beers for this podcast: Black Oak Nut Brown and Black Oak Pale Ale. Having sampled the different beer & food combinations on their plate, Mirella, Ken and Debbie each choose their favourite flavour interactions.

A special thanks to our guest for this podcast: Maple Dale Cheese.


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In this episode of Ontario Brewer, BeerologyTM’s Mirella Amato, chats with Ken Woods & Simon Da Costa, the president and brewmaster at Black Oak Brewing Co. Ken updates Mirella on the range of public events that are held at the brewery. The trio then dives into the topic for this podcast: ale yeast.

Simon talks about working with ale yeast and how it’s different from working with lager yeast. He also describes the different character that these two kinds of yeasts add to beer and how a brewmaster’s job involves a lot of yeast wrangling to get the right flavours. He explains how the ale yeast comes through in this month’s two feature beers: Black Oak Pale Ale and Black Oak Nut Brown Ale.

The Black Oak folk then bring out their latest seasonal offering, Double Entendre, to illustrate the range of character that ale yeasts can impart to beer. Ken talks the group through a tasting & insists that, contrary to popular belief, that’s not him on the label!


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