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In the second Ontario Brewer Podcast on English hops, featuring Granite Brewery beers, Mirella Amato, of BeerologyTM and Mary-Beth Keefe from Granite Brewery are joined by cheese educator Debbie Levy.

Together, the trio of women embark on a beer and cheese exploration, featuring Granite IPA and Peculiar Strong Ale as well as three cheeses from Black River Cheese: 1 Year Aged Cheddar, Maple Cheddar and Dill Mozzarella. Debbie shares the story of Black River Cheese as well as the "barley days" of Prince Edward County. Debbie also explains why there are so many herbed cheeses in Ontario.

Mary Beth talks the women through a tasting of the Granite Peculiar Strong Ale and IPA and the trio then dive into the pairing, discussing their preferred tasting technique and choosing their favourite Black River cheese to go with each of this month’s two feature Granite Brewery beers.


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In this episode of Ontario Brewer, BeerologyTM’s Mirella Amato, continues to explore the different kinds of hops that can be used in beer and turns her attention to English hops. Ron Keefe and his daughter Mary-Beth Keefe, from Granite Brewery, join Mirella in the studio having brought along two Granite beers that are brewed with English hops: Peculiar Strong Ale and Granite IPA.

Ron shares the history of Granite brewery and Mary Beth, who is now the head brewer at the Granite, explains how she became involved in the family business. The brewing team then explains how English hops come through in their beer and what constitutes a traditional British style IPA, lingering on traditional dry-hopping techniques. Ron also details the inspiration behind the Peculiar Strong Ale. Ron and Mary-Beth then explain how hops change the character of beer as well as what gives Granite beers a signature flavour.


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