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In the second Ontario Brewer Podcast featuring the beers of King Brewery and Noble Hops, Mirella Amato, of BeerologyTM is joined by King Brewery brewer, Matt Tweedy as well as Eric Leveille from Upper Canada Cheese.

Matt has brought in the King Vienna Lager and King Pilsner and talks the group through a detailed beer tasting, lingering on the character that Noble Hops add to beer. Eric shares the story of Upper Canada Cheese, describing the Guernsey Cow milk that they use at Upper Canada, and what it contributes to cheese.

The trio then dives into beer & cheese pairings, with Upper Canada Guernsey Curds, Comfort Cream as well as Guernsey Girl, a grilling cheese made in the tradition of Finnish Bread Cheese. Both Matt and Eric have an idea of the pairings they think will work, and find themselves surprised by the results of the tasting!


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With this episode of Ontario Brewer, Mirella Amato, of BeerologyTM begins an exploration of the third beer ingredient featured in this podcast season: hops. Mirella is joined by Matt Tweedy and Doug Hyatt from King Brewery, where Noble Hops are used. The pair shares their experience with the two different kinds of Noble hops that are used to brew their King Vienna Lager and King Pilsner.
Matt and Doug also explain why these hops are key in brewing authentic European style beers. Matt explains what Noble Hops are and what it’s like to brew with them. He also talks about the current advances that are being made with hops in Germany. The pair then share their perception of the aromas and flavours that Noble hops impart to beer and share some of their favourite food pairings…it might be time for a King & Pizza party!

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