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In the second Ontario Brewer Podcast on the beers of the Lake of Bays Brewing Co., Mirella Amato, of BeerologyTM, and Darren Smith from Lake of Bays are joined by beer educator Debbie Levy, representing Thornloe Cheese.

Debbie shares the story of Thornloe Cheese and addresses the fact that Ontario cheesemakers produce a lot of cheddar. Darren then leads a tasting of the two featured beers for this month Sparkhouse Red and Old North Mocha Porter. The trio mix-and-match, sampling these beers alongside the Thornloe 3yr cheddar, Temiskaming and Devil's Rock Creamy Blue cheeses.

Darren concludes the podcast with a very amusing story about grains! A special thanks to our guest for this podcast: Thornloe Cheese.


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In this first episode of Ontario Brewer for 2012, Mirella Amato, of BeerologyTM, is joined by Lake of Bays Brewing Co. owner and president, Darren Smith.

Darren explains how roasted grains are used in this month’s two featured beers: Lake of Bays Sparkhouse Red and Old North Mocha Porter. He also explains when the brewery chooses to use roasted unmalted grains and when they use roasted malted grains and what each of these two roasted grains contributes to beer in terms of flavour and mouthfeel. He also goes into detail about how each of these grains affect the colour of different beers.


In partnership with the Dairy Farmers of Canada.

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