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For part two of the Ontario Brewer Podcast feature on Wellington Brewery, Mirella chats with Sharon Shoot, who is the owner of Chocolate by Wickerhead. Sharon shares the story behind the name of her chocolate shop. The pair then turn their attention to food pairing, lingering on the fact that texture plays an important role and discussing how some of the food pairing theories don’t always translate into practice. The two featured beers for this podcast are Wellington Boot Chuck IPA and Wellington Imperial Russian Stout. They are paired with two of Sharon’s chocolate treats:

  •  Artisan Rind
  • Ginger Chewy


A special thanks to our partner for this podcast: Chocolate by Wickerhead

Now in its second year in the Beach area of Toronto, Chocolate  by Wickerhead retails delectable hand-crafted Belgian chocolate creations and gifts, made on the premise daily using the freshest ingredients.  Since Shoot conceived her now famous, signature, hand-dipped Belgian chocolate popcorn in 1988, the name Wickerhead Co. has become synonymous with taste, creativity and craftsmanship. Find out more at: www.wickerhead.com

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In the first of two podcasts this month, featuring Wellington brewery, Mirella chats over the phone with brewer Marvin Dyck. Marvin delves into the Wellington Imperial Stout, detailing some of its ingredients and explaining how it's made as well as why it's the most complex beer in the Wellington Brewery portfolio. The pair then chat about Wellington's Boot Chuck IPA, which was released as a seasonal this year. Marvin mentions the annual boot toss event at Wellington brewery, which inspired the name of this IPA. Mirella then inquires about the style of this beer, and learns that this particular IPA is a hybrid. Marvin and Mirella then turn their attention to cask-conditioned ale and how its popularity has fluctuated over the years. Marvin talks about why he likes making cask-conditioned ale and then shares some of his other favourite projects.

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