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In this second Ontario Brewer Podcast feature on Railway City Brewing, Mirella and lead brewer Michael Gardner are joined by Chef Howard Dubrovsky. Michael’s brought in two of Railway City Brewing’s beers: Dead Elephant Ale and Honey Elixir. Chef Howard has designed two great dishes to pair with these beers. Recipes for these tasty treats are available on the recipe page of the OCB website. As the trio samples the pairings, they discuss the ingredients in the Railway City brews and how they come through in the flavour as well as how these flavours interact with the food. Chef Howard shares the method he uses to come up with his pairings. He also shares a special technique he uses to infuse dishes with hop aromas.

A special thanks to our partner for this podcast: Howard Dubrovsky

At the age of 10, able to copy dishes he saw prepared on TV, Howard Dubrovsky was already experimenting with foods and flavours. It was not long before Howard realized that making great food would be his life’s calling.

Howard is a published writer, photographer, kick boxer, food stylist, and world traveler – oh, and an accomplished chef. Howard has all the gastronomic chops you’d expect from a top culinary artist. But, it is this comestible connoisseur’s modernist ethos and edgy, DIY attitude that separates him from the rest of the pack. As likely to kick back with science geeks as to swap recipes with other chefs, Howard is hip, hungry, and on the cutting edge of cuisine.

Howard has appeared on numerous TV programs and was the owner of the highly acclaimed restaurant L.A.B. in Toronto.

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In this month’s first Ontario Brewer Podcast on Railway City Brewing, Mirella Amato, of Beerology, chats with the brewery’s co-owner, Paul Corriveaux, as well as lead brewer Michael Gardner. Paul and Michael share some of the history of St. Thomas, the city in which the brewery is situated as well as the crazy stories behind the names of Dead Elephant ale and Double Dead Elephant Ale. Who knew that an elephant could die twice?

Michael shares his journey at the brewery, starting as a delivery driver and keg washer and working his way up to professional brewing. The pair then talk about some of the brewery’s seasonals and how the brewery likes to include local ingredients in their beers as much as possible. They also touch on Railway City’s Dead Elephant Ale and Honey Elixir, the two featured beers for our August podcasts.


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