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For part two of the Ontario Brewer Podcast feature on Amsterdam Brewery, Mirella and Amsterdam Brewery Brewmaster Jamie Mistry are joined by Chef Matt Kantor, who is the chef behind the Secret Pickle Supper Club, Little Kitchen and Ghost Chef. Jamie leads a tasting of the Amsterdam 416 Urban Wheat and Boneshaker IPA, providing a lot of detail on the ingredients used as well as the laborious process involved in getting hop complexity and bitterness into the Boneshaker IPA. Chef Matt brings in two summer treats: an ice cream made with the 416 Urban Wheat and a beer float made with the Boneshaker IPA. He discusses some of the challenges of making ice cream with beer and Jamie provides some insight into the issue. Taste along as Mirella and Jamie discover these refreshing beer-based desserts. Recipes are available in the recipes section of the OCB Website.

A special thanks to our partner for this podcast: Chef Matt Kantor

Chef Matt Kantor is a graduate of the culinary institute of America in New York and has worked in many well regarded Restaurants. Matt has been pairing food and beer forever and a day, going back to his beer-making and cooking days at College in Albany, New York. Now living in Toronto, Matt is currently the chef behind the Secret Pickle Supper Club, Little Kitchen and Ghost Chef. Find out more at: www.mattkantor.ca

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For the Ontario Brewer Podcast on Amsterdam Brewery, Mirella Amato, of Beerology, chats with Brewmaster Jamie Mistry as well as Blake van Delft, who is the Media and Marketing Director at Amsterdam. After sharing a bit about their previous experience, Blake and Jamie discuss the brewery’s latest wins at the Canadian Brewing Awards as well as the World Beer Cup. They then explain how the brewery’s pilot system has allowed the brewing team to brew a wider range of styles and they spend some time describing one of the more obscure traditional styles that Amsterdam has released: a salty Leipziger Gose. Jamie and Blake then turn their focus to the two featured beers for this month’s podcast, the 416 Urban Wheat and Boneshaker IPA. The pair also mentions an upcoming collaboration brew and Jamie shares some of the challenges of brewing so many different brands at the same time. Blake also proposes an unusual food pairing…

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