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For part two of the Ontario Brewer Podcast on Old Credit Brewery, Mirella and Old Credit assistant brewmaster Ralph Senuto focus on the Old Credit Holiday Honey and Old Credit Amber Ale. Ralph leads a tasting of the two beers, explaining how ingredients and process affect each beer’s flavour and appearance. He also provides some tips on proper serving temperature.

Mirella and Ralph are joined by Chef Howard Dubrovsky, who shares his perspective on the flavours in each beer and how these flavours inspired some surprising pairings. As the group samples through the pairings, Chef Howard shares the recipes for each dish. The first pairing illustrates how contrasting flavours can play off each other and highlight notes in the beer.  The second is a complementary pairing in which the beer flavours & texture complements the food, resulting in what Chef Howard describes as a flavour profile that is “larger than the sum of its parts”.

A special thanks to our partner for this podcast: Howard Dubrovsky

At the age of 10, able to copy dishes he saw prepared on TV, Howard Dubrovsky was already experimenting with foods and flavours. It was not long before Howard realized that making great food would be his life’s calling. Howard is a published writer, photographer, kick boxer, food stylist, and world traveler – oh, and an accomplished chef. Howard has all the gastronomic chops you’d expect from a top culinary artist. But, it is this comestible connoisseur’s modernist ethos and edgy, DIY attitude that separates him from the rest of the pack. As likely to kick back with science geeks as to swap recipes with other chefs, Howard is hip, hungry, and on the cutting edge of cuisine. Howard has appeared on numerous TV programs and was the owner of the highly acclaimed restaurant L.A.B. in Toronto.

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For this month’s edition of the Ontario Brewer Podcast, Mirella Amato of Beerology gets the inside scoop on Old Credit Brewery from brewery president Aldo Lista and assistant brewmaster, Ralph Senuto.

The pair discusses the history of the brewery and the unique brewing process introduced by the original Old Credit brewmaster Orrin Besco. Aldo Lista shares the story of the Old Credit logo and the seven-year legal battle that was fought to keep it. Aldo and Ralph then share some info about the Old Credit Amber Ale and Old Credit Holiday Honey, which are the two featured beers this month. Finally, the two discuss which of the three Old Credit brands is their favourite and why.

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