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For part two of the Ontario Brewer Podcast feature on Mill Street Brewery, Mirella and brewer Andrew Yonick sample the Mill Street Frambozen and Mill Street Coffee Porter along with Sharon Shoot, who is the owner of Chocolate by Wickerhead. Sharon shares proper chocolate tasting technique as well as two chocolates that she’s brought in to pair with the Mill Street brews:
  • Dark Truffle with vintage port
  • Passionfruit with wildflower honey
A special thanks to our partner for this podcast: Chocolate by Wickerhead.

Now in its second year in the Beach area of Toronto, Chocolate by Wickerhead retails delectable hand-crafted Belgian chocolate creations and gifts, made on the premise daily using the freshest ingredients.  Since Shoot conceived her now famous, signature, hand-dipped Belgian chocolate popcorn in 1988, the name Wickerhead Co. has become synonymous with taste, creativity and craftsmanship. Find out more at: www.wickerhead.com

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In this first of two Mill Street Brewery Ontario Brewer Podcasts, Mirella Amato of Beerology chats with Mill Street co-founder Steve Abrams as well as Andrew Yonick, who is the head brewer at the distillery district location, in Toronto. Steve shares the inside scoop on how the idea came about to open Mill Street Brewery and talks about the brewery’s early success introducing beers that stood out from what was available on the market at the time. Andrew tells us about when he joined the brewery and lists his favourite beers among the ones that he brews exclusively for the brewpub. The two Mill Street guys then focus in on the featured beers for this podcast: Mill Street Coffee Porter & Mill Street Frambozen and tell how the origin of one of these two beers can be traced back to the knights templar. They then share some of their favourite food pairings for these beers.

Mill Street Brewery

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