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In part two of the Ontario Brewer Podcast on amber ales, Ryan Demler from Cameron’s Brewing in Oakville and Ralph Senuto from Old Credit Brewing in Port Credit share their tasting notes on the Cameron’s Auburn and the Old Credit Amber Ale. Together with Mirella, the brewers explore the difference in flavour between these two amber ales. They also share their thoughts on the ideal glassware to use for these ales as well as the ideal temperature at which to serve them.

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In this Podcast, Mirella Amato of Beerology chats with Ralph Senuto from Old Credit Brewing and Ryan Demler from Cameron’s Brewing. These brewers tell Mirella about the amber ales that they brew as well as the malts they use to give these ales their characteristic colour and flavour. The brewers then address the current popularity of amber ales in Ontario. Finally, Ralph and Ryan share detailed descriptions of the foods that they like to pair with the Old Credit Amber Ale and the Cameron’s Auburn …  including a very surprising combination!


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