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This second part of the Ontario Brewer Podcast on Brown Ales features a beer tasting with Adrian Popowycz, the brewmaster at Black Oak Brewing Co. as well as Val Stimpson, owner at Neustadt Springs Brewery. Taste along as these two Ontario Craft Brewers explore the flavours of the Black Oak Nut Brown Ale and the Neustadt 10W30, and suggest food pairing and cooking ideas for these two award-winning beers.

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We are excited to announce that Ontario Brewer podcasts will now be released twice a month! This way we can linger a bit more with the brewers, as we go behind the scenes and explore Ontario Craft Beer. We have split our podcasts in two parts. Part 1 is an in-depth chat with two Ontario Craft Brewers and in Part 2 we join these brewers for a beer tasting.

This first two-parter explores the delicious malty flavours of English Style Brown Ales. Mirella Amato of Beerology chats with Val Stimpson from Neustadt Spring Brewery and Adrian Popowycz from Black Oak Brewing Co. about the ingredients, styles and flavours of Brown Ales as well as what sets these beers apart from Porters and Stouts.  Join us again in two weeks, and taste along with the brewers as they sample the Neustadt 10W30 and Black Oak Nut Brown Ale!

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