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This second part of the Ontario Brewer Podcast on Porters features a beer tasting with Ed Koren, who brews at Black Creek Historic Brewery as well as Darren Smith, president and brewer at Lake of Bays Brewing Company. Taste along as these two Ontario Craft Brewers explore the flavours of the Black Creek Historic Brewery Porter and the Lake Of Bays Brewing Mocha Porter, and hear their tips on serving temperature, food pairing and cooking with Porter style beer.

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9th in a series
In this first part of the Ontario Brewer podcast on Porter style beer, Mirella Amato of Beerology chats with the two newest members of the OCB:  Darren Smith from Lake of Bays Brewing Company and Ed Koren, who brews at Black Creek Historic Brewery. These two brewers make very different porters. Find out about the special ingredient in each of these porters and hear about the challenges associated with brewing in a historic brewery as well as the challenges of brewing in a small town! Join us again in two weeks and taste along as Ed, Darren and Mirella explore the aromas and flavours of the Black Creek Historic Brewery Porter and the Lake Of Bays Brewing Mocha Porter.

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Re-Inventing a Classic Style



This second part of the Ontario Brewer Podcast on Brown Ales features a beer tasting with Adrian Popowycz, the brewmaster at Black Oak Brewing Co. as well as Val Stimpson, owner at Neustadt Springs Brewery. Taste along as these two Ontario Craft Brewers explore the flavours of the Black Oak Nut Brown Ale and the Neustadt 10W30, and suggest food pairing and cooking ideas for these two award-winning beers.

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We are excited to announce that Ontario Brewer podcasts will now be released twice a month! This way we can linger a bit more with the brewers, as we go behind the scenes and explore Ontario Craft Beer. We have split our podcasts in two parts. Part 1 is an in-depth chat with two Ontario Craft Brewers and in Part 2 we join these brewers for a beer tasting.

This first two-parter explores the delicious malty flavours of English Style Brown Ales. Mirella Amato of Beerology chats with Val Stimpson from Neustadt Spring Brewery and Adrian Popowycz from Black Oak Brewing Co. about the ingredients, styles and flavours of Brown Ales as well as what sets these beers apart from Porters and Stouts.  Join us again in two weeks, and taste along with the brewers as they sample the Neustadt 10W30 and Black Oak Nut Brown Ale!

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Hallowe’en is fast approaching and what better way to celebrate than by sampling some Ontario Craft Brewed pumpkin beer? In this podcast, Mirella Amato of Beerology explores pumpkin beers, how they are made and which spices they contain. Joining her are Rob Creighton, who brews at the Grand River Brewing, in Cambridge, as well as John Bowden from Great Lakes Brewery.

In the second half of the podcast, John, Rob and Mirella taste the Great Lakes Pumpkin Ale and Grand River Highballer Pumpkin Ale. Taste along, as they then attempt to pair these pumpkin ales with various Hallowe’en candy. Will it work? Is there a Hallowe’en candy for every pumpkin beer?...


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Entering the Dark Ages: Cool Weather Craft Beer Favourites

Part 6 of a series.

Fall is a great time for dark ales, a cool weather favourite! In Ontario, there over thirty-five contrasting and delicious Ontario Craft Brewed dark ales to explore. In this podcast, Mirella Amato of Beerology chats with Ron Keefe, brewer and owner at the Granite Brewery, as well as Alex Nichols, brewmaster at Barley Days Brewery, about the dark ales that they produce. Listen in as Ron and Alex share their favourite pairings for dark ales and provide some tips on how to cook with them.

In the second half of the podcast, taste along with Ron and Alex as they sample the Granite

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Lovin' those Lagers

From the dark into light; there is something for every taste

OCB breweries produce a wide range of Lagers. Having explored crisp golden Pilsners in the last podcast, this month we turn out attention to amber and dark Lagers.  Find out what distinguishes Lagers from Ales, and which aromas and flavours are generally found in darker Lagers. Mirella Amato of Beerology chats with two OCB Lager brewers: Ryan Morrow, brewmaster for Nickel Brook Beer and Ryan Demler, brewer for Cameron's Brewing Co. about their brands.

In the second half of the podcast, taste along with the two Ryans as they sample the Nickel Brook Organic Lager and the Cameron‚s Dark 266, exploring the complex aromas and flavours in these two darker lagers. Stay tuned until the end to witness a new OCB collaboration!

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Bitter Pils to Swallow: Savour Tradition With the Crisp, Earthy, Grassy Flavour of a Pilsner

Summertime is the perfect time to explore Pilsner beer and the Ontario Craft Brewers currently brew ten different delicious ones for us to choose from. In this Podcast, find out why the Pilsner is considered to be the most influential beer style ever brewed and what sets the Pilsner apart from all of the other golden lagers on the market.

Joining Mirella Amato of Beerology are two OCB Pilsner brewers:  Rob Creighton, the brewer for Grand River Brewing and Aldo Lista, owner of Old Credit Brewing Co. In the second half of the podcast, taste along with Aldo and Rob as they sample the Old Credit Brewing Co. Pale Pilsner and the Grand River Brewing Hannenberg Pils, exploring the similarities and differences between these two Pilsner beers. Will they be able to guess which beer is which?

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Wheat’s Up With One of Summer’s Most Refreshing Brews?

Wheat beers are very popular these days. This year alone, the OCB listing for wheat beers has shot up from one brand to five! Why are they so popular? Why are they so refreshing? Why are they cloudy?

Listen in as Mirella Amato of Beerology asks Joel Manning, brewmaster for Mill Street Brewery, and Jonathan Graham, a representative for Muskoka Cottage Brewery wheat’s up with these refreshing brews?

In the second half of the podcast, taste along with Joel and Jonathan as they sample the Mill Street Belgian-Style Wit Beer and Muskoka Cottage Hefe-Weissbier and explore the similarities and differences between the two styles.

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Some OCB members in attendance at the 3rd Annual Brewers PlateThe Third Annual Brewer’s Plate took place recently at the University of Toronto’s Hart House. Bigger and better than ever, this unique "sustainable feast" celebrates Ontario’s bountiful produce, matching specially-selected dishes with featured beers from Ontario’s craft brewers.

Guests at the memorable evening saw brewery personalities and virtuoso chefs getting together to practice the goLocal philosophy, and to discourse on the defining elements that make choosing Ontario Craft Beer so easy for today's beer drinker.

We were able to catch up with many of the participants and compile this special podcast of interviews.

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